Proceed with caution, Jedi!



Zippo with Elton John

Zippo with Stevie Wonder

Zippo with Hall and Oates

Zippo with Ted Nugent

Zippo with Nicolette Larson (who passed away in 1997)

WIth The Marvelettes on a Sea Cruise!

Zippo with KISS backstage in Corpus Christi, Texas

Zippo with Dion (Dion DiMucci - Dion and the Belmonts)

Zippo with the late Johnny Maestro (The Crests, Brooklyn Bridge)

Jim and Lori Zippo with Marie Osmond at ABC

Jim Zippo with Rick Dees(both syndicated via ABC), David Kantor (President of ABC Radio Networks)

1998 ABC Personality Spotlight/Affiliate Conference - Hollywood, California


Jim Zippo with Jack Nicholson - 1979

("Johnny" on his jacket refers to the character Jack played in THE SHINING: "Heeeere's Johnny!")

Zippo rocks out with the legendary BOBBY VEE!!

(Bobby is the one actually PLAYING music!)

Jim Zippo and Willie Nelson -1980

Lori, Larry and Jim! (Lori Zippo, Larry King, and me)


Zippo and CHARLIE SHEEN - Dallas, 2002.

Zippo with Pete Townshend of THE WHO Washington D.C. 1978

Zippo with Roger Daltrey of THE WHO.

Jim Zippo with Alice Cooper 1980

Jim Zippo with John Denver - 1975

Zippo with KING KONG (the 1976 version) fans in San Diego - with KMEN and KCBQ


1983 - shaking hands with the big guy - 50th anniversary of the original 

movie KING KONG at the Chinese Theatre, Hollyweird, Karloffornia!

Above is me (right) next to Forrest J. Ackerman ("the Ackermonster",

editor of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND magazine), and the

legendary actress Fay Wray (right) and her stand-in Zoe Porter (left)

for the 50th anniversary of 1933's KING KONG in Hollywood!!

They used my original 35mm movie print for the show at the Chinese Theatre.

(above is me with a 35mm Arriflex movie camera)

Below, the legendary science fiction author Ray Bradbury with me at the 50th anniversary of KING KONG, Chinese Theatre, Hollywierd, Karloffornia 1983!

Below, the other great RAY!  Zippo meets Ray Harryhausen at the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood with KING KONG

displays and original Willis O'Brien animation models for the movie.   We were all there for the 50th anniversary of KING KONG

1933-1983...what a night!   Fay Wray and others were all there, and I met them all!

Ray Harryhausen.

Katie Couric and Zippo at Walt Disney World, ABC Radio remote broadcast.


Zippo with George Lucas in the Caribbean!

Zippo and Wolfgang Puck!

Zippo and legendary broadcaster Paul Harvey.

Zippo with Connie Francis in Las Vegas.


Zippo and friends KMEN newspaper ad from 1976

Zippo with John Mellencamp - Washington D.C. 1979

Jim Zippo with Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac - 1980

(above) Jim Zippo with Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac 1980

with Christine MacVie of Fleetwood Mac

Jim Zippo with Todd Rundgren in Detroit - WDRQ

Comedienne Rita Rudner with me in Las Vegas at KOOL 93.1!

With Franki Valli live from the Flamingo in Las Vegas (KOOL 93.1)!

Then, there was NATIONAL ZIPPO DAY at the Zippo Lighter Manufacturing company!  They made me a special lighter:

And, the very hard-to-find ZIPPO TRADING CARDS!

From the Channel 39 Dallas days, here are some fun photos from my late night show


...about radio pirates grabbing films and running whatever we felt like. My sidekick was Fred the Gorilla played by Vic St. John!

On the trip to Graceland to film an Elvis tv special!

Jim and Lori Zippo hosted many movie parties for charity groups at the now infamous "Zipporama Movie Theatre" in our Plano (near Dallas), Texas home!

A genuine screening room, not dvd or blu-ray.  We ran real 35mm and 70mm movie film!  The room was 30' long, 29' tall, had 65 rocking theatre chairs on risers, electric handmade opera curtains with gold bullion tassles, moving black edges.  Wheww!  6 track genuine surround sound.  Great times!

This was the 70mm projection booth, there were 2 machines.


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