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(radio history, that is!)

2007 - 2013 + Currently, you can hear me live on the air for 98.7 KLUV (CBS Dallas): evenings M-F 7p-11p CT, also weekends and any other shift I'm needed for!  The Greatest Hits of the 60s, 70s, and 80s!

2003 - 2007: Morning personality at KOOL 93.1 Las Vegas (Clear Channel) with Shari Singer, working under Marty Thompson, CC's National Programming guru!

2000 - 2002: PD and morning personality for HERO RADIO NETWORK, 24 hour all-energy format carried nationwide and worldwide via Armed Forces Radio!

1987 - 1999: PD and morning personality for ABC RADIO NETWORKS' Pure Gold format...heard on over 200 US stations and worldwide on over 350 more at military bases across the globe on Armed Forces Radio.

1986 - 1987: TV late night movie host for 2 Dallas stations: Channel 27's "THE FILM VAULT" with Joe Bob Briggs and others, then Channel 39's "FILMS FROM THE FUNDIMENSION"...over the top blue screen production fun with lowbrow movies!

1984 - 1985: Morning personality at Dallas' KISS 106.1 - CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio)!

1982 - 1984: PD and morning personality for KISS 96 in Nashville, #1 CHR station on music row!

1981 - 1982: PD and morning personality for KITE 105 in Corpus Christi, Texas #1!

1979 - 1981: PD and morning personality at KINT-98 in El Paso, Texas (CHR) - also #1!

1978 - 1979: Morning drive CHR personality in Detroit (against then-local jock Howard Stern - yeah, I beat him!) at 93 WDRQ!

1976 - 1978: PD and morning personality at WEAM in Washington D.C. (CHR)!

1975 - 1976: Morning personality at Southern California CHR station KMEN, Riverside. #1!

1974 - 1975:
Morning personality at Southern California CHR station KFXM, San Bernardino. #1!

Here's Zippo in 1974 at KFXM, morning drive...first radio gig!

ABC FLYER featuring Zippo with Maria Danza! (front)

ABC FLYER featuring Zippo with Maria Danza! (back)

Below is the original Las Vegas ad art for Zippo in the Morning with Shari Singer!

Here's Zippo with his pal the late great Wolfman Jack on the air with him at ABC!

Here's a ticket to a Zippo Sock Hop from the ABC Network days!

Here's the JURASSIC ROCK logo...from Zippo's show at ABC!

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